Commercial Insurance Claims

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  • Examine and analyze all pertinent insurance coverage on the risk in question to determine the specific type of insurance involved and the coverage stipulations, if any, such as co-insurance, replacement cost, etc.
  • Coordinate the preparation and presentation of a fully detailed and documented claim to substantiate the total cost of reconstruction/repair or replacement on damage to the affected portions of the property in accordance with code using like, kind and quality, and taking into consideration all improvements and betterments to the real property.
  • PrepareĀ and present a fully detailed, catalogued, and documented claim to substantiate the business personal property damage, including any improvements and betterments.
  • Evaluate and properly prepare a claim for the loss of earnings, extra expense, or business interruption, taking into account prior history and future projections.
  • Consult with, advise, and coordinate the engagement of other experts to efficiently manage the claim process.
  • Attend any and all meetings, as necessary, with the insurance company, their adjusting or building representative, or any other interested parties.
  • Initiate, as necessary, and document a continuing dialogue of agreements proposed during the course of the adjustment and, when appropriate, confirm same in writing to the insurance company representatives.
  • Review all claims, as mentioned above, with you prior to submission to the insurance carrier and, most importantly, review all adjustment offers elicited during our meetings for your full and final approval.
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